The Gladiator is an advanced Combat class with a focus on the Power Grip wield style. This class is different in the XBOX and PC versions, as the XBOX requires neither a specific wield style, nor Wards, which means this is the final class for almost all characters with a physical focus. This was changed for the PC version, probably to give a more unique flavor to this class. The Gladiator has the highest overall physical damage potential for anyone not constantly using Weapon Arts.

Name Effect Requirement

[Combat Arts] +1
[Power Grip] +1
Skill [Commander]

STR 53
Minimum Style: Power Grip 16
Expert Gladiator

[Combat Arts] +1
[Power Grip] +1
Skill [Commander]

STR 55
Minimum Style: Power Grip 17
Adept Gladiator

[Combat Arts] +2
[Power Grip] +2
Skill [Commander]

STR 57
Minimum Style: Power Grip 18
Master Gladiator

[Combat Arts] +3
[Power Grip] +3
Skill [Commander]

STR 59
Minimum Style: Power Grip 19
Lordly Gladiator

[Combat Arts] +4
[Power Grip] +4
Skill [Commander]

STR 63
Minimum Style: Power Grip 20
Legendary Gladiator

[Combat Arts] +5
[Power Grip] +5
Skill [Commander]

STR 68
Minimum Style: Power Grip 21

This class will stop upgrading if Wards is no longer a significant Mystic skill, or if the Mystic > Item requirement is no longer met.

How to Obtain:
The only thing to keep in mind when trying to obtain this class is the fact that Commander is a Mystic class with the same Wards requirement and no Wield Style needed. The best way to ensure Gladiator is gotten instead of Commander is to keep Strength as the significant stat (use Combat Arts). That by itself is usually enough to prevent changing into a Mystic type class from anything but another Mystic class. You also have to avoid changing into the other Rank 6 classes, but this is easily done by keeping Mystic skills above Item skills.

Upgrade Options:
Since this is a Rank 6 class the only upgrades from here are the ultimate classes:

  • Ordainer: requires Item/Mystic balance, all Weapon Types level 19+, STR59+
  • Warlock: requires all Arcana learned, INT59+
  • Ninja: requires Dual Wield 22 and Katana 19, Mystics + one other significant skill group, STR59+ or INT59+ (PC only)
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