Location/Quest Common (45%) Uncommon (30%) Rare (15%) Very Rare (3%)
The Fourth Path Crab Husk Captured Giant Crab Shed Husk Crab Carapace
Vale of the Gods Fang Captured Giant Crab Crab Husk Mineral Water

Magazine Drops


Crab Talon (50%) Withered Husk (50%) Talon (50%) Sharp Giant Crab Claw (10%)


  • Acid Mist (from BR 5)
     Acid Mist II (BR 31+), III (BR 61+)
  • Self-Destruct (from BR 12)
     Self-Destruct II (BR 31+), III (BR 45+)

Related Guild Tasks

  • none

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Does not appear on the field, engage Crabs.
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