Ghor Castle - A castle which also doubles as a stronghold. Its exterior is interesting, as it has the appearance of both.

First time entering:

  • Qsiti War Veteran: "Who are you? You don't look familiar... Do you realize that you are standing in the presence of Duke Ghor, a legendary hero and possesor of the Bilqis?"
  • Duke of Ghor: "Hmph. You're friends of the marquis. Why have you come?"

At the beginning of the second disc:

  • Qsiti War Veteran: "The Duke of Ghor is the head of the Congress! You must show some respect!"
  • Duke of Ghor: "What is it?"

After Hermeien makes his evil appearance:

  • Qsiti War Veteran: "Lord... Hermeien... No, it can't be..."
  • Duke of Ghor: "I cannot believe Lord Hermeien is still alive... But the evil he radiates proves he is no longer human. To think that something like this brings us to war... Hmph. In the meantime, I shall have my emissaries gather some information."

After defeating Koenigsdorf:

  • Qsiti War Veteran: "I will make the Conqueror regret having laid a hand on Duke Ghor!"

Parameter bonus dialouges:

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