First time entering the city:

  • Bartender: "Hey there! The Den of Heroes here to serve you!"
  • Seasoned Soldier: "Our lord is too noble for his own good. Just because he feels indebted to Lord Oswald, the previous Nagapur leader, he shouldn't feel he has to repay his gratitude to that punk Wilfred."
  • Pub Regular: "You know why the gang in Nagapur can rest easy? It's because of us! I don't think they see that. I feel like they take us for granted!"

At the beginning of the second disc:

  • Seasoned Soldier: "A whippersnapper like Wilfred Hermeien had no business being Chairman of the Congress in the first place. A fine, upstanding man with a strong sense of duty like our own Lord Ghor is infinitely more suited for the position."
  • Pub Regular: "What a thing to happen to Nagapur... I can't help but feel sorry for them."

After defeating Koenigsdorf:

  • Seasoned Soldier: "Our lord is resting in his castle. I hear he's not doing very well. I'm filled with rage! I want to take the Conqueror's life with my own blade! I know I could take him on if only I were 50 years younger."
  • Pub Regular: "Hey, no shenanigans in my pub, you hear? Our lord is recuperating at the moment. We pray for a quick recovery. I don't want to answer to some kid from Celapaleis!"
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