For the Remnant Gae Bolg, see Gae Bolg.
Gae Bolg
Gae Bolg

Gae Bolg

Art Conjuration
Leader David
Modifier Godly Pierce
AP Xbox360 0
AP PC 80
Target All
Effect -
Damage Extreme
Skill -
Style -
Type Physical
Strength D
Speed D

A conjuration for the Kellendros. Energy is fired from the Gae Bolg for extreme damage to the enemy force.

How to ObtainEdit

You can use the art immediately once David and the four generals join your party.


  • PC only: This Art is only usable when David is set as a Union Leader.
  • High or low union morale.
  • Must be out of Deadlock.
  • Minimum 3 enemy unions to trigger, though it will trigger more often when more enemy unions are on the field.


  • Xbox360 only: Will be cancelled when the union is caught in a Raidlock.
  • If the target union dies before the Gae Bolg is fired, the command will be cancelled and the union will proceed normally.
  • Can be dodged.
  • It is named after the Gáe Bulg of Irish Mythology.

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