The Flame Guardian is a protector of Royotia (the other being the Emeth Tag).

"Long time ago, deep within the Earth's molten core, twin birds signifying good and evil were locked in eternal battle. The founder of Royotia saved the bird of virtue. In return, he gained weapons strong enough to defeat and take over the surrounding lands. However, the bird of virtue fought again with the bird of evil and lost. The founder was absorbed into the evil beast. When all was almost lost, the bird of virtue began to sing a lament... a lullaby. Upon hearing the sad, gentle song the bird of evil fell asleep and sank beneath the lava, to slumber for eternity." --Royotian Legend

In game, the Flame Guardian appears as a young Mitra girl and is involved in the quests Into the Abyss and The Fiery Revolt.

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