Irina binding the Ark remnant.

After failing to bind the Elysion Ark, the way to The Sacred Lands is blocked and you have to find an alternative.

Through Siebenbur

Enter The Sixth Path and follow it to The Final Fortress. The rare dragon Gojun will be blocking the Empyreal Door inside The Final Fortress. After killing the dragon, continue through The Seventh Path and open the Empyreal Door at the end to begin a cutscene.

Afterwards, walk a few steps to the Ark. Irina will bind it, and finally the party can enter The Sacred Lands.

Leucetius avatar.png After (X360: killing the Icy Idol) or (PC: having access to the Seventh Path) and reaching Battle Rank 80, Leucetius can be recruited at the Melphina Union of the Golden Chalice guild.

Optional Content

DLC Bosses

Once you have accessed The Seventh Path, there are another two special boss encounters available to fight. On the X360 version you have to simply download the DLC from the Marketplace for free. On the PC version, you have to complete certain guild tasks to be given special items as noted below.

Snievan avatar.png Milton avatar.png Ludope avatar.png Zuido avatar.png Young avatar.png Hannah avatar.png Hinnah avatar.png
After defeating The Enlightened Seven, they can be recruited at the locations listed below.

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