The Fighter is the most basic Combat type class. Characters with low (< 29) primary stats will start in this class if their Strength is higher than their Intellect. This is the starting class for Rush.

Name Effect Requirement


Expert Fighter

Max HP +5%

STR 27

How to Obtain:
This is a starting class only, it cannot be changed into.

Upgrade Options:
The Fighter upgrades to the following Combat classes at STR 29:

  • Freelancer: If the sums of Item skills and Mystic skills are within 1 of each other. Using only Combat Arts is a good way to achieve this.
  • Ranger: If the sum of Mystic skills is at least 2 higher than the sum of Item skills. Combat skills don't matter.
  • Monk: If the sum of Item skills is at least 2 higher than the sum of Mystic skills. Combat skills don't matter.

It is also possible to switch to Mystic classes from Fighter, but only if Intellect reaches 29 before Strength does. The Mystic skill sum must also be higher than the Item skill sum for these upgrades. Reaching 29 in both stats at the same time results in a Mystic class change if all other requirements are met.

  • Sorcerer: The highest level Mystic skill must be Remedies.
  • Magus: There has to be a highest level skill. If all are equal, Freelancer or Ranger will be picked instead.
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