Location/Quest Common (45%) Uncommon (30%) Rare (15%) Very Rare (3%)
Blackdale Land Dragon Rawhide Land Dragon Scale Captured Feral Fang Relaxing Herb
Gaslin Caves Land Dragon Scale Azhdaha Fang Captured Feral Fang Cureroot
The Southwestern Road Azhdaha Fang Land Dragon Talon Captured Feral Fang Azhdaha Talon
The Southwestern Road Land Dragon Talon Tanned Azhdaha Hide Captured Feral Fang Azhdaha Talon

Magazine Drops


Azhdaha Scale (40%) Land Dragon Rawhide (40%) Azhdaha Fang (40%) Retral Feral Fang Scale (10%)


  • Merry-go-round (from BR 9)
     Merry-go-round II (BR 31+), III (BR 42+)
  • Twister (from BR 59)
     Twister II (BR 66+), III (BR 86+)
  • Surefire (from BR 9)
     Surefire II (BR 31+), III (BR 45+)
  • Provoke (from BR 9)
     Provoke II (BR 41+), III (BR 56+)

Related Guild Tasks

  • none

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