Fatal Eclipse
Art Arcana
Rank SS
Modifier Omni
Target All
Range Long
Effect -
Damage Extreme

[Long-Range] The battlefield is rent asunder by an ancient destructive force. Extreme damage to entire enemy army.

Used by



Name Modifier AP (XBOX) AP (PC) Damage Speed Effect
Fatal Eclipse I Omni 64 153 A D
Fatal Eclipse II Omni 64 153 A D
Fatal Eclipse III Mighty Omni 62 148 S D
Fatal Eclipse IV Mighty Omni 62 148 S C
Fatal Eclipse V Godly Omni 60 135 SS C

Learning Fatal Eclipse

The following is required to learn the Arcana Fatal Eclipse:

  • Only the leader of a union can learn it.
  • You need at least three additional units in the same union.
  • The union attempting to learn or use Fatal Eclipse must be able to perform a Synergy.
  • The leader has to use one of the Psionics arts listed below, one unit an Invocations, one unit an Evocations and one unit a Hexes art.
  • You have to have enough AP to use the Arcana.
  • Arcana don't level by using them as the other arts do. You have to get one of the required "base" arts and learn it again as you did the first time.
  • The best place to learn Arcana is the Sweeping Safehold in the Ruins of Robelia Castle or the quest Wisdom's Echo. Link all the landworms and switch through all the targets. Most likely you get the required art combination on one of them. On the PC version you can also simply turn off all but the required arts and learn it anywhere.
  • The best formation for Arcana training is the Orb Formation as it reduces the AP costs.
Art Used
Fatal Eclipse Fatal Eclipse II Fatal Eclipse III Fatal Eclipse IV Fatal Eclipse V
Confuse V Enrage V Addle V Maledict V Mixed Message V
Enrage IV Addle IV Maledict IV Mixed Message IV
Addle III Maledict III Mixed Message III
Maledict II Mixed Message II
Mixed Message
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