Drops: [?] Splits: [?]

Magazine Drops:

  • X-Ray Vision
     X-Ray Vision II (BR 66+)
  • Discharge
     Discharge II (BR 58+), III (BR 71+)
  • Artsap
     Artsap II (BR 51+), III (BR 66+)
  • Switch
  • Snare Shot
     Snare Shot II (BR 54+), III (BR 62+), IV (BR 69+), V (BR 75+)
  • Smoke Canister II
     Smoke Canister III (BR 59+), IV (BR 66+), V (BR 73+)

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Details Edit

Notes Edit

  • Can use a surprising attack on the field: Paralyze! (you won't be able to move or act).
  • Recovers from ailments the next turn.
  • Does not respawn (Cataphractus will spawn instead).
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