First time entering the city:

  • Devoted Woman: "This is the temple dedicated to Marion Marshall. You saw the statue up front, didn't you? It's a statue of Lady Marion. She has the most peaceful look on her face, doesn't she?"
  • Qsiti tourist: "I'm just here visiting, but it seems to me that this place really has a distinct air to it - one not found anyplace else. The people who come here really seem to believe the legendary Marion Marshall truly existed. She is a beauty, isn't she? Seeing this statue I can see why they want to believe she existed!"
  • Preaching Man: "Once Lady Marion connected with the Remnant, her soul traveled to the Sacred Lands. She still looks upon us from the heavens. She prays for the souls of the dead to safely reach the heavens to join her side."
  • Qsiti Monk Warrior: "This is the resting place of souls. No one may enter."

After binding the Ark by the Conqueror:

  • Qsiti Monk Warrior (red bubble): "What? You wish to go through these doors? The Marquis of Athlum...! Well, I can hardly say no to your lordship. I will unlock the doors at once. But please refrain from telling anyone about this, my lord."
(grey bubble): "The Catacombs are beyond this door. Fierce creatures roam within. Be safe!"

At the beginning of the second disc:

  • Devoted Woman: "More and more people have come to pray here since the war was brought on by the Conqueror's army. So many lives have been lost... Everyone's worried about what's to come, but I have hope that we'll be alright. We have the Lady Marion with us. She will bring us a bright future. She must..."
  • Qsiti Tourist: "I think I've begun to understand why so many people come to places like this. The thought of some higher power like Marion Marshall watching over us really gives a sense of relief and security."
  • Preaching Man: "When the dragon let out a fierce howl, the lives of many were snatched away. But we must not live in fear. Lady Marion is always looking down upon us. She wishes our souls to always be at peace."
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