Hendler - A commercial area found in the newer section of town. Rare merchandise and information can be found here.

First time entering the city:

  • Shopper Girl: "Are you lost? This is Hendler, the market area. You can find all sorts of great stuff here. Everything's kind of expensive, but it's only because we sell the best! ...Unlike what they sell at the frumpy shops on Tula Street. I would stay away from that area if I were you. This place usually isn't so packed, but there's a Congress meeting taking place soon. Hence, the crowd."
  • Clumsy soldier: "Our town has no lord. It is run by the Chairman of the Congress, a position rotated by the representative of each land. But in reality, the man with the most power ends up getting the job. The position has gone to Lord Hermeien of Nagapur for the past few years. Rumor has it that he's using his authority to conduct some experiments at the Academy... something about creating new weapons."
  • Knowledgeable Qsiti: "Many important folk pass through here. Why, you ask? The row of glamorous buildings over there are actually embassies of each state. Be careful - if you act too suspiciously, they might arrest you."

After binding the Ark by the Conqueror:

  • Knowledgeable Qsiti: "The embassy big shots are in a flurry. Why, you ask? Did you miss that flash of light? I think something snuck into the Sacred Lands!"

At the beginning of the second disc:

  • Shopper Girl: "Everyone's looking so down lately because of what happened in Nagapur. If the Conqueror's army is still out there, Elysion will probably wind up a warzone... ...Now I'm dispirited, too! I don't even feel like shopping anymore..."
  • Clumsy Soldier: "Duke Ghor took over the Congress after Chairman Hermeien's passing. The Academy is going downhill, though. The silver lining is the banning of Hermeien's illegal Remnant experiments. Now they only undertake legitimate research."
  • Knowledgeable Qsiti: "The shop owners are down in the dumps. Why, you ask? The shops in this market used to be funded by the Congress. But now that Chairman Ghor is in charge, the administrative types from Hermeien's reign are gone. Oh, well... I guess it wasn't fair that our town was getting special treatment in the first place."

Parameter bonus dialogues:

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