Genaade District - Temples honoring the Sacred Lands line the streets of this most historic of districts. Many who seek spiritual aid reside here.

First time entering the city:

  • Elegant Madam: "This is the center of the old town, Genaade District. Many historic temples line the streets. Up the street is the Temple of Elysion, where people have prayed to the old gods for hundreds of years. Is that what brings you here, too? To say some prayers?"
  • Mythology-Savvy Devotee: "See the Sacred Lands through the clouds? According to the legend, that's where the souls of the dead return. A thousand years ago, there was a war that cost many their lives. Marion Marshall prayed for the dead and her prayer enveloped the Sacred Lands with celestial light. Since then it has been an area for souls to rest."
  • Devoted Girl: "You know about Lady Marion and the romance between her and the Imperator, right? *sigh* I wish something wonderful like that would happen to me, too... *sigh*"

After binding the Ark by the Conqueror:

  • Mythology-Savvy Devotee: "Did you see that light soar straight towards the Sacred Lands!? I've never seen such brightness. Could it have been the transfer of a powerful soul into the heavens? I just hope it did nothing to disturb the others resting up there."
  • Devoted Girl: "What's going on? What's this about a bright light shooting towards the Sacred Lands? I was inside the temple and missed it... What happened!?"
  • Qsiti Shopkeeper: "Hey boy, did you see that? A flash of light shot towards the heavens! I've lived here for more than thirty years, but I've never seen the Ark emit that kind of light!"

At the beginning of the second disc:

  • Elegant Madam: "Since the incident in Nagapur, more and more people visit the temple. Praying keeps their minds off the hopelessness of an unknown future."
  • Mythology-Savvy Devotee: "Countless souls must rest in the Sacred Lands now, due to the war brought on by the Conqueror's army. The Congress insists that the army no longer exists, but I'm worried that something like this will happen again. If it does, I just hope it doesn't happen any time soon. I want the souls to be able to rest in peace."
  • Devoted Girl: "I've been praying at the temple every day. When I'm sad or frustrated, all I have to do is look at Lady Marion's face and everything just seems to fall into place."
  • Qsiti Shopkeeper: "I heard from some young'uns that the Gwayn went out of control and destroyed Nagapur! What if the Sacred Lands came raining down on us!? It IS a Remnant, after all... Maybe it's time for this old fogey to find a quiet town with a nice retirement home."

Parameter bonus dialogues:

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