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Home of the Congress and the Sacred Lands, Elysion is generally considered the heart of the continent. Its long history gives it a unique flavor, both modern and historic. This town is not-missable. You will visit it through the story.

Quests Edit

Disc 1Edit

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Places of InterestEdit

Hendler Tula Street Genaade District Assembly Plaza

Equipment shop logo Schneid's Armory

Consumable shop logo Lady Nokia's Items

Component shop logo Syvonne's Components

Mixed shop logo Morgo's Shop of Memories

Pub logo The Heavenly Terrace

Union of the golden chalice logo Union of the Golden Chalice

Consumable shop logo Avielle's Items

Mixed shop logo Karen's Goods

Customization shop logo Dee's Workshop

Mixed shop logo Temple Gift Shop

Ring of the labyrinth logo Ring of the Labyrinth

Poi logo Temple of Elysion

Poi logo Ark Gate

Poi logo Entrance Hall

Sword of three realms logo Sword of Three Realms

Guilds Edit

Union of the Golden Chalice Edit

Sword of Three Realms Edit

Ring of the Labyrinth Edit


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