Katana Logo   Elite's Scimitar
Elite's Scimitar
XBOX Stats
Attack 75 Mystic Attack 68
Defense 26 Mystic Defense 34
PC Stats
Attack 88 Mystic Attack 92
Defense 22 Mystic Defense 19
C.Offense 25% C.Defense 40%
Physical Evasion 7%
Type Katana
Size Midsize
Modifier Mighty Maul
Effect [Mystic Fiend] Attack +3
Special Notes None
Style Modifier Power   (Mighty → Peerless)
Sells For 3,675g
How to Obtain
Customize from a(n) Commander's Scimitar
If an upgrade listed does not appear to be available, you will need to improve your Customization Level.

Reinforced to the fourth order.

Disassembles for 1,838g
Platinum Ore x1 Mule Hide Cloth x1 Emerald Crystal x1

Upgrades to Champion's Scimitar for 74,090g
Mystic Skelenyte x1 Crab Fluid x3 Glagonos Fragment x1
Upgrades to Tataraichi for 25,700g
Primordial Alloy x1 Divine Metal x1 Pest Toxin x2

  Basic Customization

Upgrades to Kelpie's Curse for 82,030g
Kelpie's Single x1 Tanned Demon Hide x3 Large Donda Talon x3

  Basic Customization