This page contains several rules for editing the pages of this wiki. Please follow them or you edits might be reverted.

  1. Almost all pages in this wiki use templates to ensure a consistent layout, so stick to them. If unsure on the usage of the templates click on the links on the bottom of the edit page, all templates used in the current page are listed there. You will find a documentation on the template page.
  2. Use spoilers where appropriate, other people might not want to know what happens later in the game.
  3. Battle strategies heavily depend on you party setup, strength and the arts your party members know. Therefore don't add them to the articles. Feel free to use the talk pages when you want to share your strategy.
  4. Monster Hit Points vary depending on you current BR. Do not directly change the HPs of a monster, instead add your findings (together with your system and BR) to its talk page.
  5. Most accessories are requested by all leaders so it's not very useful to list them all on the accessory pages. Only add the accessory to the leader pages. The only exception are unique items like Remnants because only a limited number of leaders wants them.
  6. Mr. Diggs finding nothing is a natural occurrence for any harvesting point, and is part of the mechanics. Thus, listing it as a special effect is useless, please refrain from doing so. For the select few harvesting points that have a higher than normal chance to find nothing this data will be included on the location page.
  7. Only confirmed data belongs to the articles, anything speculative or unconfirmed should go onto the talk pages for further discussion.

If you need help on any editing, put a note on the talk page ("Discussion" in the top right) of the page you have problems with, usually one of the "regulars" will follow up and help you.

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