Reinforced to the first order.

Disassembles for 8,580g
Blacksteel Ore x1 Necrotic Metal x1 Voltaic Crystal x1

Upgrades to Damascene Francisca for 434,720g
Damascus Ore x1 Leap Frog Fin x4 Demon Bone x8

Upgrade Roots Components Alternate Path Components
Divine Francisca Mystic Skelenyte x1

Blacksteel Ore x1
Inverted Chimera Scale x3

Warlord's Francisca Platinum Ore x2

Azhdaha Tail x2
Dragon Scale x2

Champion's Francisca Reprocessed Metal x2

Crab Leg x2
Mystic Fiend Horn x4

Champion's Francisca Weapon Recipe 39 x1

Rough Pixie Stone x1
Dagon Antennae x2

Elite's Francisca Royotian Steel x3

Coarse Beast Fur x5
Aerial Insecta Fluid x4

Commander's Francisca Steel Ore x2

Landworm Carapace x3
Kacz Seed x3

Commander's Francisca Ruined Colossus Axe x1

Steel Ore x2
Commemorative Medal x2

Warrior's Francisca Gaslin Copper x2

Timber x4
Mystic Fiend Bone x7

Combat Francisca Copper Ore x2

Landworm Husk x3
Mystic Fiend Bone x7

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