This lists all the monsters within the Demon family and a list of items they can give you. Regular Monsters have blue rows, Rare Monsters have orange/yellow and Boss Monsters have purple/lilac. Orange rares can only be fought once and will never reappear once defeated. For a more detailed description of each monster please visit their pages. To see all monster families (races) in one combined table use this link (Monster Families).

Family Members and Locations
[edit | edit source]

Name Location(s)
Demon King
Greater Demon
Bloody Death
Mad Demon
Savage Commander
Void Intruder
Hero Slayer

In the quest The Standoff

The Tested

In the quest Seeker of the Ancient Path

Breed Components[edit | edit source]

Below are a list of components that are dropped by this family.

Breed Components:

Class Components:

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