Prized great axe inspiring horrified visages it then rives.

Disassembles for 4,043g
Voltaic Crystal x1 Divine Dragonyte x1 Snowy Crystal x1

Upgrades to Cataclysm for 122,810g
Chipped Axe x1 Crimson Ore x1 Light Gas x1
Upgrades to Cataclysm for 122,810g
Crimson Ore x1 Large Giant Amoeba Fang x1 Light Gas x1

  Intermediate Customization

Upgrade Roots Components Alternate Path Components
Deathmask Voltaic Crystal x1

Chimera Carapace x3
Evil Charybdis Eye x2

Berserker Axe Imperium x1

Pixie Core x1
Skull Scavenger Cranium x2

Commander's Grandaxe Vackel Iron x2

Beast Carapace x6
Treant Fragment x2

Warrior's Grandaxe Iron Ore x2

Mystic Fiend Bone x7
Talon x7

Warrior's Grandaxe Weapon Recipe 14 x1

Metal Scraps x3
Tashlon Shell x3

Inverted Vile Lizard Scale x1

Iron Ore x3

Combat Grandaxe Gaslin Copper x2

Light Metal x1
Avian Fiend Talon x3

Grandaxe Ghor - Shop
Grandaxe Ghor - Shop
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