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Conqueror is an older unnamed muscular man with long golden hair and crimson clothes, said to come from a small village called Veyriel, and his origins are shrouded in mystery. His ruthless nature is predicated in the garb he dons, as legend has it that its crimson hue is the splattered blood of his enemies.

The Conqueror is one of the Remnant Wardens; he is also linked to Rush, although the nature of this link is unknown.


He was designed to appeal to Western gamers and, in the original design of the game, was planned as a playable character with his own scenario.

You can fight the Conqueror two times through the game. The first one - The White Conqueror - is optional. The second one is the final boss. His "version" depends on the quests you have completed:

The status of town Remnants determines what abilities The Conqueror will use. This does not apply to The White Conqueror.

These arts will be available to him if you do not complete the related quests:

These arts will be available to him if you do complete the related quests:

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