Connely's Items is located in Athlum - Xiphos Way

New items will be added to the shop as you progress through the game.


Item Price Availability
Herbs Logo Cureleaf 30 -
Herbs Logo Cureroot 80 After Blackdale
Herbs Logo Curebulb 150 After Numor Mine
Herbs Logo Restoleaf 250 After quest A Day's Beginning
Herbs Logo Restobulb 360 After Numor Mine
Herbs Logo Frostleaf 480 After entering Aqueducts
Herbs Logo Relaxing Herb 50 -
Herbs Logo Refreshing Herb 110 After Blackdale
Herbs Logo Faerie Herb 210 After Numor Mine
Herbs Logo Steel Herb 520 After entering Aqueducts
Lotions Logo Mineral Water 40 -
Lotions Logo Vitaeroot 30 -
Lotions Logo Mite Mushroom 120 After entering The Catacombs
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