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Leave the Athlum Palace and visit around the city to find Soldiers standing around again with red speech bubbles. Speak to them to learn your presence is requested by David. Proceed to Athlum Castle to further the story.

Party upgrade.png PC: You can now have 3 Unions, 9 Units per battle, and 20 total Units.
X360: You can now have 4 Leaders per battle, 10 Leaders total, and 10 Soldiers total.

You will now need to manually set up your other two unions. Although you can use any combination of units and don't have to create three total unions, it is most common to make three unions of three units each.

Loki avatar.png Loki can now be recruited at the Athlum Union of the Golden Chalice. For the PC version, you should hire him to replace a generic soldier. He is also required for a quest later which requires to have talked to him () 3 times.

The Ivory Peaks is now available on the map.

Quest icon.png The quests The Dreaming Rose (prerequisite to recruit Gabriel and Violet) and Bravery and Loyalty are now available.

Heading to Elysion

Upon entering Elysion, a cutscene will play introducing the city.

The holy city of Elysion.


You will have some free time once you reach Elysion. You could do the following quests, which will unlock several good Leaders for hire.

Quest icon.png The quests Elysion's Witch, The Secret Letter (unlocks The Southwestern Road and Balterossa), and The Trade Route are now available.

Caedmon avatar.png Caedmon can be recruited at the Balterossa Union of the Golden Chalice. For the PC version, you should hire him (when you have the money) to replace a generic soldier. He is required for the Silver Falcons quest line.

More Quests

There are now quite a few quests that open up. However, some are quite tough, like The Ancient War. So you may not wish to attempt them all. Amnesia is also available, but you don't have the required items yet to complete it. Warnings will be given later in the walkthrough as to when a few of these will disappear for good.

Quest icon.png If you chose to do the prior quests, seven new quests open up:

For Love the Bell Tolls, The Silent Soul, The Ancient War, The Silver Falcons: Part One, The Hero, The War of a Thousand Years, and Into the Abyss.

To the Sacred Lands


Head toward the Assembly Plaza, enter the Academy and talk to the female mitra Receptionist with the () talk bubble.

Note: The female mitra Academy Researcher looking at a tall potted plant inside the Academy will give you Academy Visistones upon talking to her. As the game progresses she will give you up to 50 of these. These special items simply give you a tiny bit of backstory regarding remnants, the world, factions, and so on. You can wait until the end of the game and go speak with her to be given all 50 in rapid succession.

Afterwards go to Tula Street and a cutscene will play.

Now go back to the Assembly Plaza, find the female mitra Court Lady with the () talk bubble on the west side and let David go. A brief cutscene begins.

Now enter the Ark Gate by going straight up the stairs and to the right. Another cutscene plays.

After following, you end up in a strange place called The Sacred Lands.

In The Sacred Lands (please note that this story-version has a different layout than the map depicted on the location page) just follow the linear path. Touch the devices to continue and enter the door for a lengthy cutscene.

Quest icon.png The quest When the Rose Blooms (enables Gabriel and Violet to be hired, both great Leaders) is now available. Also unlocks the Sword of Three Realms guild in Celapaleis.

Gabriel avatar.png After completing When the Rose Blooms, Gabriel can be recruited at the Celapaleis Union of the Golden Chalice guild.

Violet avatar.png After completing When the Rose Blooms, Violet can be recruited at the Celapaleis Sword of Three Realms guild.

To the Catacombs

Since David has been given a lead as to Rush's parents whereabouts, the group decides to go find them.

Nora avatar.png After entering The Catacombs, Nora can be recruited at the Athlum Union of the Golden Chalice guild. She is required for The Ladies of Bloody Alice quest. You must speak to her three times when she has a () talk bubble to unlock the quest.

Mrdiggs icon.png A Mr. Diggs Morsel is located at The Catacombs - Eastern Area. A little ways in you will come to the fork in the road; it's to the right in the strange gas, at location K-7.

Once reaching the end of The Catacombs, enter the door to begin a cutscene.

A Date with Emma

Emma helps Rush to find his mom in the Numor Mine.

As just witnessed, Emma seems to know where Rush's mother might be. But she insists on going alone with Rush. Once the previous cutscene is over, you will start in the middle of Hendler with Emma standing in front of you with a () talk bubble.

After speaking with Emma, you will find yourself in the Numor Mine, along with Emma only and a brief cutscene will play.

Afterwards there will be another cutscene.

Now you can use the transporter to return to Athlum, where another cutscene will begin.

Party upgrade.png PC: You can now have 4 Unions, 12 Units per battle, and 30 total Units.
X360: You can now have 4 Unions, 12 Units per battle, 5 Leaders per battle, 12 total Leaders, and 15 total Soldiers.

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