The Commander is the Mystic specialist class for using Wards. Since there are no offensive Wards arts, Wards Resist has no practical use.

Name Effect Requirement

[Wards] +1
Skill [Commander]

INT 53
Expert Commander

[Wards] +1
[Wards] Resist +1
Skill [Commander]

INT 55
Adept Commander

[Wards] +2
[Mystic Arts] +1
[Wards] Resist +1
Skill [Commander]

INT 57
Master Commander

[Wards] +3
[Mystic Arts] +1
[Wards] Resist +2
Skill [Commander]

INT 59
Lordly Commander

[Wards] +4
[Mystic Arts] +2
[Wards] Resist +3
Skill [Commander]

INT 63
Legendary Commander

[Wards] +5
[Mystic Arts] +3
[Wards] Resist +4
Skill [Commander]

INT 68

How to Obtain:
This class is a straight upgrade from Mystic classes for characters using Wards. Getting this from other class types requires either INT significance, or Mystic only skill group significance, both of which need extensive Mystic skill training.

Upgrade Options:
The only upgrades from this class are the ultimate classes:

  • Ordainer: requires Item/Mystic balance, all Weapon Types level 19+, STR59+
  • Warlock: requires all Arcana learned, INT59+
  • Ninja: requires Dual Wield/Quad Wield 22 and Katana 19, Mystics + one other significant skill group, STR59+ or INT59+ (PC only)
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