Reinforced to the fifth order.

Disassembles for 390g
Steel Ore x1 Oilfly x2 Metal Scraps x2

Upgrades to Elite's Lance for 28,080g
Royotian Steel x3 Manticore Carapace x4 Fenris Rawhide x2
Upgrades to Javelin for 8,320g
Astra Alloy x3 Distilled Water x2 Treant Moss x2
Upgrades to Javelin for 7,490g
Weapon Recipe 26 x1 Vackel Iron x2 Sharp Greater Flauros Fang x2

  Unlocked by acquiring the Weapon Recipe 26 x1 (permanent).

Upgrades to Brownie's Ire for 43,520g
Brownie's Bead x1 Inverted Raptor Talon x3 Old Carapace x4

  Basic Customization

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