The Cleric is a Sovani-only hybrid tanking class introduced in the PC version of the game, it combines a Quad Wield bonus with tanking skills.

In the Japanese version, this class is named Saint. Saint, being a shorthand of "Sword Saint", is the literal translation of the Romaji word, Kensai (剣聖). In ancient Japanese times, warriors who attained legendary swordsmanship skills were given the prestigious title of "Kensei". Clerics, other than being highly educated men of the Orthodox/Catholic church in ancient times, have nothing at all to do with warriors who excelled with the Sword, so the true meaning of the Japanese name was most likely lost in translation to English.

Name Effect Requirement

[Quad Wield] +1
Skill [Defender]

STR 47 or INT 47
Minimum Style: Quad Wield 13
Expert Cleric

[Quad Wield] +1
[Mystic] Evasion +1
Skill [Defender]

STR 49 or INT 49
Minimum Style: Quad Wield 14
Adept Cleric

[Quad Wield] +2
[Mystic] Evasion +1
Skill [Defender]

STR 51 or INT 51
Minimum Style: Quad Wield 15
Master Cleric

[Quad Wield] +3
[Mystic] Evasion +2
Skill [Defender]

STR 53 or INT 53
Minimum Style: Quad Wield 16
Lordly Cleric

[Quad Wield] +4
[Mystic] Evasion +3
Skill [Defender]

STR 56 or INT 56
Minimum Style: Quad Wield 17
Legendary Cleric

[Quad Wield] +5
[Mystic] Evasion +4
Skill [Defender]

STR 61 or INT 61
Minimum Style: Quad Wield 19

How to Obtain:
From the previous Mystic+Combat classes, Cleric can be reached simply by training Quad Wield. From any other class, it's easiest to obtain by training Weapons and Mystic only, using Items runs a high risk of getting one of the Item-related classes instead.

Upgrade Options:
Being a Rank 5 class, the Cleric does not have a lot of upgrade options left. The only straight upgrades are the remaining Mystic+Combat classes:

The other higher Rank classes require either Item or Mystic significance, or have a minimum skill requirement. This makes them straightforward to change into. The only thing to keep in mind is that there's a class type change requirement needed to change into them.

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