Reinforced to the third order.

Disassembles for 3,553g
Platinum Ore x 1 Crooked Spear x 1 Sapphire Crystal x 1

Upgrades to Warlord's Trident for 131,620g
Mystic Skelenyte x 1 Vulture Underbelly Fur x 2 Fruit of Knowledge x 2
Upgrades to Glaive for 43,870g
Necrotic Metal x 1 Tough Brynhildr Husk x 1 Thick Treant Branch x 3

  Basic Customization

Upgrades to Ouroboros Voulge for 157,140g
Crooked Spear x 1 Necrotic Metal x 1 Archfiend Fur x 3
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