Reinforced to the third order.

Disassembles for 2,975g
Platinum Ore x1 Damaged Shield x1 Snowy Crystal x2

Upgrades to Prismic Kiteshield for 140,800g
Meller Crystal x1 Large Treant Splinter x2 Leap Frog Oil x8
Upgrades to Draconile Kiteshield for 100,800g
Dragonicle Ore x1 Large Spiritlord Beak x2 Ailanthus Branch x4
Upgrades to Warlord's Kiteshield for 93,600g
Mystic Skelenyte x2 Wyvern Beak x2 Thin Oarfish Wing x2
Upgrades to Soulshield for 30,240g
Necrotic Metal x1 Giant Shellfly Scalp x2 Inverted Dragon Scale x1

  Basic Customization

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