• Seasoned Adventurer: "Ah, so you're looking to pick up some Guild Tasks, too? Eh - you don't think you can do 'em? Don't worry. I'll take you under my wing. If it looks like it will go well, then own it! If the going gets tough - run away! That is some number-one top strategy right there, so don't you forget it!"
  • Qsiti War Veteran: "Different towns attract different types of adventurers to their guild. If you aren't finding the type you're looking for here, try checking a different town. Once you visit a few other guilds, you'll understand."

After the battle of Nest of Eagles:

  • Qsiti War Veteran: "You've heard about Siebenbur, right? It's a sprawling series of underground caverns... it's the talk of all the adventurers lately. Some say it was built by one of the God Emperors, others say it was carved out by some massive beast... No one knows for sure. One of the reasons for that is that not so many return from Siebenbur - in one piece, anyway. Whether you think you've got skills or no, be prepared if you end up going there. The monsters there are nothing to sneeze at." (This opens The First Path.)

After the Sword of Three Realms guild is accessible:

  • Seasoned Adventurer: "Hey, have you heard? There's some new guild here in Lamberro where all the high-level mercs've been hanging out. The rumor is that there's some secret entrance somewhere in the Amber, but they only let the top of the top-class guys in. Guess I'll just stay here..."
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