Celapaleis Castle - A castle built in the Celapaleian style. The cracked earth creates the illusion of a floating palace.

It is opened after we clear Numor Mines in the main quest:

  • Qsiti Adviser: "Watch your tongue, boy! You stand before Lord Qubine!"
  • Duke of Qubine: "Then, you are Rush Sykes, are you? I've heard a lot about you. Feel free to amply prepare yourself for your coming battles here in Celapaleis."

After the battle of Nest of Eagles:

  • Duke of Qubine: "The loss of General Honeywell and the Valeria Heart are both very regrettable... I offer my deepest condolences. Yet, had you not gone to the Nest of Eagles, all of Celapaleis would have been in grave danger. I cannot begin to describe my appreciation for what you've done."

At the beginning of the second disc:

  • Qsiti Adviser: "To think he suffers so... Poor, valiant Lord Qubine!"
  • Duke of Qubine: "I've not been feeling well of late... It must be due to the debacle with Nagapur. I suppose cleaning up that mess was more tiring than I thought... Either way, it's nothing to worry about."

After we visit Duke Qubine to take him to the Congress meeting:

  • Duke of Qubine: "Ahh... For me to be in such a state... Keep this a secret from Ghor, would you? I'm certain the old bat would never let me hear the end of it."

After Athlum gets her independence:

  • Qsiti Adviser: "Though Athlum has been granted independence, that does not mean you can milk the Duke for more favors. Stand on your own two feet!"
  • Duke of Qubine: "The future of Athlum lies in your hands. The God Emperor is not a man to be trifled with. Do not let down your guard before him."

Before the battle of the Holy Plains:

  • Qsiti Adviser: "If word gets out you are here with the Duke, his Lord may be branded a conspirator! If you're done with your business, please leave!"
  • Duke of Qubine: "There are two paths to take. One path allows you to be the creators of a new world. The other brands you as traitors to the God Emperor as you are slain mercilessly by his followers. Show me what you have chosen."
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