The Cavalier is a hybrid class focusing on tanking and using Remedies. Although not as good as the Guardian, this class is still decent for tanking and is easier to obtain.

Name Effect Requirement

[Physical] Evasion +1
Skill [Defender]

STR 41 or INT 41
Expert Cavalier

[Physical] Evasion +1
[Mystic] Evasion +1
Skill [Defender]

STR 43 or INT 43
Adept Cavalier

[Physical] Evasion +2
[Mystic] Evasion +1
Skill [Defender]

STR 45 or INT 45
Master Cavalier

[Physical] Evasion +3
[Mystic] Evasion +2
Skill [Defender]

STR 47 or INT 47
Lordly Cavalier

[Physical] Evasion +4
[Mystic] Evasion +3
Skill [Defender]

STR 50 or INT 50
Legendary Cavalier

[Physical] Evasion +5
[Mystic] Evasion +4
Skill [Defender]

STR 54 or INT 54

How to Obtain:
To change to any Mystic+Combat type class a character must first have two significant skill groups, with one of them being mystic. To meet the Cavalier requirements at the same time it is easiest to train Weapons and Mystic only, as raising Items runs the risk of changing into Scout or Bard instead. For Sovani this is an ideal class because all their race-specific classes are Mystic+Combat, obtaining this class removes the need to qualify for a class type change to reach them.

X360: Units can only start in this class.

Upgrade Options:
This class has a lot of upgrade options.

PC Options:

The Sovani classes are also quite easy to reach from here provided Items are kept insignificant:

Pure Mystic classes are also available but will likely require some Mystic skill grinding:

It's also possible to change into Item-related classes simply by getting Items high enough to become significant:

Focusing on Weapons will also open up the Combat classes:

X360 Options:
As units that start in this class don't have the Skills required for changing into another hybrid class or have Item skills to train, this is the only upgrade option available:

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