The Silver Falcons are a group of independent knights based in Balterossa.

The organization has many members, and operatives carry out their own missions across the entire continent. In Balterossa, however, the group is directed and led by Caedmon, although large-scale operations are inconvenient. Even so, the members assemble in times of need, so long they are called to act. Such an occasion was when, during the events of The Silver Falcons: Part One, the growth in the number of Jhana became a threat, and the Falcons (with Rush's help) faced a large army of theirs at Blackdale. During The Silver Falcons: Part Two, Caedmon asked Rush's help again to deal with a Jhana clan sighted near the Nest of Eagles, uttering the phrase "Glory to the Falcons!" before the battle.

Right before the main events of Part Two, Caedmon reveals that the founder of the Falcons was mitra. He tells Rush that, decades ago, when he had gone to the mountains above town to view the Tao Tie, he met a shabby-looking sellsword who would always greet him. As a sovani, he found the familiarity to be rather impertinent. Not much later, Balterossa was assaulted by monsters while its army had been called abroad, and the city was thrown into panic. The sellsword gathered the town's mercenaries and led them against the monster hordes, saving Balterossa, and causing much doubt in Caedmon's mind, as the sovani couldn't understand his motivation. Caedmon then joined the mitra, who became the first leader of the Silver Falcons.

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