This lists all the monsters within the Jhana family and a list of items they can give you. Regular Monsters have blue rows, Rare Monsters have orange/yellow and Boss Monsters have purple/lilac. Orange rares can only be fought once and will never reappear once defeated. For a more detailed description of each monster please visit their pages. To see all monster families (races) in one combined table use this link (Monster Families).

Family Members and Locations
[edit | edit source]

Name Location(s)
Jhana Fighter
Jhana Shaman
Jhana Magus
Jhana Archfighter
Jhana Archshaman
Jhana Archmagus
Redcap Champion
Yellowcap Soldier
Yellowcap Vanguard

Breed Components[edit | edit source]

Below are a list of components that are dropped by this family.

Breed Components:

Class Components:

All items (16)

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