You can talk to all unique leaders when they are in your party. You will find them somewhere in the city you hired them, the exact location is listed on the character pages.

They usually just reply with a default text but from time to time they will have a bubble above them. That means they opened up a bit and are more friendly to you. As a result they will tell you more about themselves - their past, thoughts or wishes. To "enforce" the red bubble leave to the world map and re-enter the city. Repeat this procedure x times (usually 3 - 5) with x depending on the character. Some characters will only have the red bubble after completing specific quests and some require you to have a certain item. In order to trigger the first red bubble for most leaders, you must have talked to them at some point after recruiting before the game will start counting the number of visits until the red bubble. For example, you must talk to Allan in Royotia after recruiting him, then after five visits, the first red bubble will appear. Depending on who has been recruited, it would be efficient to check for the red bubble for several characters as several of them can be found in the same city (eg: Glenys and Jager in Nagapur, Maddox and Allan in Royotia, etc.).

Talking to the leaders has two effects. Several quests are only available after being chummy with the quest client. And second they will get some bonus on their stats once the talk chain is finished. The following unique leaders have parameter bonuses and are listed below. Visit the characters "talk" pages for more information on how to gain their bonuses.

Unit X360 Bonus PC Bonus
Allan AP+15% AP+15%
Baulson HP+20% HP+15%
Caedmon STR/INT/SPD+12% STR/INT/SPD+10%
Darien HP+20% HP+20%
Gabriel SPD+3% SPD+5%
Gaou STR+8% STR+8%
Duke of Ghor STR+3% STR+5%
Glenys AP+20% AP+20%
Haruko INT+3% INT+5%
Jager SPD+3% SPD+5%
Jorgen (Adventurer) HP+25% HP+25%
Jorgen (Aristocrat) HP+20%, STR+3% HP+20%, STR+3%
Jorgen (Djin) AP+15%, INT+3% AP+15%, INT+3%
Jorgen (General) AP+15% AP+15%
Jorgen (Raider) SPD+3% SPD+5%
Jorgen (Sage) INT+3% INT+5%
Jorgen (Warrior) STR+3% STR+5%
Kate STR+8% STR+8%
Khrynia AP+15%, INT+3% AP+15%, STR/INT+3%
Leshau HP+20%, AP+15%, STR/INT/SPD+8% HP+20%, AP+15%, STR/INT/SPD+8%
Leucetius HP+20%, STR/INT+3% HP+20%, STR/INT+3%
Loki SPD+3% SPD+5%
Maddox INT+5% STR+3%, INT+5%
Nora HP+25% HP+20%
Paris HP+20% HP+20%
Rhagoh INT+5% INT+5%
Roberto INT+3% INT+5%
Sheryl INT+8% INT+8%
Sibal AP+20% AP+20%
Violet INT+3% INT+3%
Wyngale AP+15% AP+15%, SPD+3%
Yuniver INT+3% INT+5%
Zolean SPD+8% SPD+8%
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