A blueprint of some kind.

Drops [?] Split [?] Harvest [?]
            • None
            • None

            Treasure Disassemble Quest Rewards
            • None
            • None
            • None

            Item Uses Edit

            This component is only available in the PC version, it is used for creating Imperator Weapons. It is generally only dropped by one-time rare monsters, Bai Ze being one notable exception.

            Each weapon requires 20x Blueprint 4 and 1 captured rare monster. Each accessory can be created once per playthrough.

            Note that every Imperator item can be purchased at Lucros's Armory in Undelwalt as Trade Goods for less money than the crafting cost. This can only be accomplished if the player has enough Commerce Points in Gem, Equipment and Imperator, selling a minimum of 43 rare monsters.

            Name Component 1 (x20) Component 2 (x1) Captured in
            Imperator's Axe Blueprint 4 Captured Dreamwatcher The Sixth Path
            Imperator's Hammer Blueprint 4 Captured Stymphalian Bird The Sacred Lands
            Imperator's Katana Blueprint 4 Captured Bloody Nussknacker The Sixth Path
            Imperator's Lance Blueprint 4 Captured Monopole The Sacred Lands
            Imperator's Staff Blueprint 4 Captured Falak The Sacred Lands
            Imperator's Sword Blueprint 4 Captured Eye of Terror The Seventh Path
            Imperator's Shield Blueprint 4 Captured Oblivion Wing The Ancient Ruins
            Imperator's Bangle Blueprint 4 Captured Ymir The Ancient Ruins
            Imperator's Pendant Blueprint 4 Captured Terror Wing The Ancient Ruins
            Imperator's Ring Blueprint 4 Captured Holy Servant The Ancient Ruins
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