• Dark wizzie

    Old Setup

    August 4, 2018 by Dark wizzie

    Assembling the maximum damage party is actually a tough task. Yes, we know that for maximum damage MA are out, but that is mostly it. It doesn't make this build objectively the best. For example: How good is a formation that has the highest damage output but zero defense? I guess what it really comes down to with that question is what you actually want to accomplish with such a build. And if you don't know, by god things can get gnarly again. For the purposes of this particular build I will only do builds that are possible WITHOUT manual equipping. This means there isn't a party of 18 people dual-wielding Shielding Hawkwinds. (For data on the highest damage wield-style check my article here: [1]

    Type Weapon
    I None
    II 5x Physical, 3x Specia…

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  • Dark wizzie

    Do you want my save file for this build? Shoot me a message on the talk page here and I'll hand it over. I also have a completed legit, high BR, normal mode save file right at the Sacred Lands (without At Hatred's End finished).

    After many trials and even more errors, I have finally achieved something close to what I want.

    • Must be in hard mode.
    • Finished all quests to get The True Conqueror.
    • Finished At Hatred's End. Not doing it gimps the Conqueror from using Abyssal Seal.
    • Have not killed any DLC bosses (apart from the ones required to be able to see Demigod).
    • Party has maxed stats. This means 255 strength, etc, 9999 unit hp, +99 AP per move, 999 max AP.
    • Party must have maxed arts. All possible arts must be at max. (Peerless or Swift depending on…
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  • Dark wizzie

    Dual wielding is the highest damage weapon style in the game. There are drawbacks however: In chasing DPS you lose defense and evasion. It also requires upgrading and managing two seperate weapons. DW has multiple paths: swords, katanas, axes, and maces.

    Type Weapon ATK MYS Effect DEF M.DEF CO CD Evasion
    Axe Might Splitter 153 72 CA +5 50 23 24% 38% 12%
    Axe Shielding Hawkwind 189 112 Phys Resist +5 62 39 24% 38% 18%
    Katana Nightbloom Mist 220 179
    58 19 30% 48% 20%
    Katana Nightbloom Virtutis 223 222
    17 18 30% 48% 20%
    Katana Parrying Tataraichi 184 135 Phys Resist +5 41 28 25% 40% 9%
    Sword Might Longsword 149 74 CA +5 52 25 29% 46% 19%
    Sword Shielding Bluesteel 174 127 Phys Resist +5 55 38 29% 46% 24%

    Type Weapon ATK MYS …

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  • TheBlueRogue

    Hello there, JRPG Fans!

    Wikia is hosting an exciting tournament featuring Japanese role-playing games. The best titles of the genre are squaring off across 15 categories to separate the best from the best! Categories include Best Story, Best Cast of Characters, Best Soundtrack, and a whole lot more. Users can vote in these polls to determine the winners. This exciting battle is being brought to you by Mistwalker Corporation's new mobile strategy JRPG, Terra Battle

    We are stopping by to spread the word! The Last Remnant has been nominated in the Best Character Designs category.

    Visit the Ultimate JRPG Blog to vote for this game and all of your other favorite JRPGs!

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  • Brokendwarf

    Before I got my Last Remnant game up and running through Steam, I had only played the Xbox version of the game. After beating the PC version, I definitely notice many differences between the game and my play experience was vastly different. On the Xbox, I was used to Leaders not having to be the party leader to use Unique Arts. Unique Arts dramatically increased your morale, healing increased morale, and you didn't need morale to use Weapon Arts. Your party members would force-upgrade their weapons after a certain BR, thus not requiring any work from you to find components, and you could skill grind for leader skills. For many boss fights, I could pull of a Rejuvenating Water when almost losing, then proceed to kill the boss using a combi…

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  • Avataristche

    Beware! Spoilers below, possibly not hidden!

    This is all subjective and personal, and depends on playstile. I typically manage to do no grind runs (no Bai Ze or landworms grind at all), and still take absolute conqueror down with not much trouble. Picking decent leaders is the key. Now what makes the leader decent? Arts available and the final item set. Non-unique arts in the order of decreasing importance: Revives (Herbs, Remedies etc)->Wards->Hexes->Psi. Combat arts are available to any character, so they are not listed.

    Typical setup usually includes one Cache+aoe union (ex: David-Zolean-Yuniver-Caedmon-Nora, Crossbow III; Gaebolg, Crimson flare, Cache, silence immunity, 2 healers - or even 3, if Nora manages to train lotions enough) and …

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  • Avataristche

    UA and immunity

    September 30, 2014 by Avataristche

    Some UA provide very high (empirically at least 90%, but less than 100%, suspect 99%, same as faleria or conquerors buff) evasion to the whole union while they are ready to go. It might be benefitical to fail triggers on purpose if said UA is below enemy in queue to dodge its attack before launching urs. Arts that DO benefit from this: all RWAs, both omnistrikes, phantom pain. Arts that DO NOT: summons (moot, since they resolve before anything else), conjurations, ex-machina, lughs revenge, thousand flowers, beowolf. To test: both assisted snowpetals, UAs on other Seven.

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  • Junjun sheep

    Ugh.. Okay..

    June 21, 2013 by Junjun sheep

    The second time playing The Last Remnant and got stuck with this crashed.

    Dunno why because the first-play is going smoothly thou i admin i start using trainer when it comes to the 'welcome to disc 2' part.

    And this time i start using trainer from the very beginning.. is it the cause?

    Nah, whatever.. the thing is, i won't played it from the beginning again if this couldn't be solved :/

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  • Xardia

    Damn this Fallen...

    October 31, 2012 by Xardia

    So, I was at the End of the Road in my old save file.

    Then I tried something different - why not try a Low BR Run? I read about these on a few boards, and it sounded cool, so I decided to give it a try. The first two or three story bosses were hell, like Jager in Blackdale, The Fiery Idol or even the Boss in Baulsons Quest... I tried them at least ten times before I won! In case of the Fiery Idol it were even more attempts...

    Then I got the hang of it. And as the story progressed and my party grew, it quickly wasn't that different from a normal Run. Sometimes even easier! The Gates of Hell were my archenemy in my previous Run, it just killed me over and over again! And now, first try - dead!


    But, every good must have its end. And my …

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  • Xardia

    Is that really it?

    October 31, 2012 by Xardia

    So, what gives?

    I went through XBox version without much optional stuff, so when I got PC version, I wanted to change my style.

    I went through every freaking sidequest and cursed The Assistant, The Hero and a few more. I hate these Quests. I fought the Fallen and I love this fight, it is so difficult it's fun again ;) I fought every freaking Red Monster (White Conquerer, The Seven, the Jhana Royals...)

    And then, finally, I beat the White Conquerer. I was overwhelmed cause I managed to beat that ****.

    And then I found out about the Lost. Of course I immediately went through Ancient Ruins. I already peeked inside but after my first encounter with the Observers (Five consecutive Area spells at Rank V? Come on...) I left them pretty much alone. B…

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  • Junjun sheep

    Damn.. I didn't know that the ending will be that sad.. Now I just can't believe it and I think I can't play for the second time for a while.. Well, I guess I'll start play it again when I'm not shock again with the ending.. [I don't have any idea that Rush will sacrificing himself with destroying all remnant including himself..:/ after playing Rush character for the very beginning, it's just seems off to play it again.. like he's "alive" again to be dead again.. idk]

    Well, I didn't know how Rush can be a human-remnant while there's no other human-remnant beside him.. or maybe that's my fault that I don't really pay attention in the other cut scene.. I mean the other cut scene before that last cut scene.. ugh, now I'm starting to blame myse…

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  • Zephyr135

    This is certainly annoying

    February 10, 2012 by Zephyr135

    It seems that almost the entire wiki was copied completely about 45 days ago (26.Dec.11) onto another site. All categories, all images, all data, etc. There's even the category page containing all the blog posts written up until that point, but because the users don't exist on that site, the links don't go anywhere (actually, it's just a category page with text and no links to the blog posts). The site itself is rather unwieldy because there's no search bar specifically for that database. The search bar that's there is really for searching that entire network. Not all the formatting works either, so it's kinda funny seeing how the TOC for several pages (that I had to randomly stumble upon) is there, like the one for Formations and Classes,…

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  • Wayzee

    The Story of the Rares

    February 5, 2012 by Wayzee

    My rares are here, in order of being smashed:

    Seia - very easy for BR 10, still looking for BJ
    Deathstinger - the easiest possible, still looking for BJ
    Pan - found him by chance looking for the map, quite a lot HP, but not tough for BR 11
    Hellbiter - took me 3 tries, but with a healing unit is doable at BR16; a great fight

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  • Zephyr135

    AGO Details

    December 18, 2011 by Zephyr135

    Since I felt like noting stuff down... Already knew ahead of time during the run that it was very likely unlikely for me to go over BR100 because of my play style (and possibly slightly neurotic behaviour towards certain things), so I should have planned their accessories better. In case I want to attempt it again. After all, my BR went up quite a few ranks from rare hunting.

    Some of the accessories don't match up with their weapon's focus. This is intentional as I would want the accessories' effects while combining it with the finalized focus for their weapon. Also, if there's more than one focus, it's because I'm allowing myself a little wiggle room with some of the units. A few mystic units can do just as well in any of the 3, but becaus…

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  • Zephyr135

    20.Nov.11 already...

    November 20, 2011 by Zephyr135

    Happy 3rd anniversary, LasRem!

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  • Zephyr135

    PC rare monster HP scaling

    November 16, 2011 by Zephyr135

    Been poking at Table 7B little by little, mostly because I don't quite understand some of the fields there. But I think I get what's going on with the OverLevelLimit field. It corresponds to the highest ER you will find against that particular unit, unless they already have a specified range based on a BR threshold. Mostly applies to rares, but there are a few instances that it may affect normal mobs, like in Aveclyff. No idea why though, might come up with a theory about it later. Won't be as messed up as the one concerning the Rotten Tears and why it drops Oculus stuff.

    As mentioned a little while ago on my user page about finding the Dominator, ran a few encounters against it at varying BR levels. Not much to say since it's not exactly con…

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  • Brokendwarf

    PC Problem

    November 11, 2011 by Brokendwarf

    Don't have the problem anymore. I have a laptop that's not a 10-year-old piece of junk and I run the game through Steam.

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  • Zephyr135

    Nagapur Soldiers

    • Anios - #55 - Wyrmskeep to 18 active units
    • Aiterra - #46 - Koenigsdorf to entering Undelwalt
    • Kurz - #8 - Wyrmskeep to 18 active units (before entering Undelwalt on PC?)
    • Curtis - #9 - 18 active units to Koenigsdorf (before entering Undelwalt on PC?)
    • Garatia - #21 - 18 active units to Koenigsdorf (no restriction on PC?)
    • Kimball - #10 - Koenigsdorf to entering Undelwalt
    • Zack - #45 - 18 active units to Koenigsdorf (no restriction on PC?)
    • Murtoff - #43 - Wyrmskeep to 18 active units (before entering Undelwalt on PC?)
    • Melamus - #44 - 18 active units to Koenigsdorf (before entering Undelwalt on PC?)
    • Morpheus - #22 - Koenigsdorf to entering Undelwalt
    • Linus - #10 - Koenigsdorf to entering Undelwalt
    • Jared - #23 - entering Undelwalt

    Order of Mel…

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  • Zephyr135

    SOIAO Notes

    September 19, 2011 by Zephyr135

    Just a few notes for the SOIAO run, before I accidentally lose the paper(s).

    Herbs → Caplan, Beiroth, Neales, Gene, Sutherby Potions → Wynberg, Mattis, Merophus, Nabal, Velnor Lotions → Dias, Glauque, Gosche (40), Lameia, Blatt Explosives → Singleton, Silvonne, Caysin (58), Hugo (68) Traps → Murkbell, Rycoris (45), Marwis

    • 9~12 for assault, 6~9 for healing/support
    • need one Guardian for tanking. Candidate: Dias → wait until Eye Cream, then train to Dragon Crush before training Lotions
    • for E7 fight to keep Snievan preoccupied
    • aim for more Hunters, fewer Scouts due to damage output, redundant class effect ([Buff Duration])
    • weapon ATK values ignored. will likely be in the Mystic Seal formation, so DEF/M.DEF is far more important

    The Fallen

    • assume 450K…
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  • Zephyr135

    Art modifiers

    August 23, 2011 by Zephyr135

    Just making a note of what art modifiers were changed from the X360 version to the PC.

    Weapon X360 PC
    Longsword (Emma Custom) Power Speed
    Longsword Power Speed
    Superior Longsword Power Speed
    Superlative Longsword Power Speed
    Might Longsword Power Speed
    Runic Longsword Power Speed
    Might Tuck Power Speed
    Runic Tuck Power Speed
    Celapaleian? Power Speed

    That should be it... Will do another few sweeps of both JP guides in case I missed something. The Famitsu guide has the DLC only equips, but the entire equipment section is sorted only by the 50 sounds. Not being filtered by WT makes scanning for info much harder and slower than it needs to be.

    It seems that the Longsword line was changed over to Speed to help Emma/Emmy add the Speed mo…

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  • MohsinMan99

    I don't know how many have already tried this but this was a load of fun. I already beat the game some 6 times already, 5 of them in hard mode and there didn't seem to be any real challenge. So, I got hold of Nelphim's(or whatever that guy's name) trainer and done the following:

    1. Everyone with WA weapons raised to +9 and maxed stats. Team leaders also got WA weapons.

    2. 7 unions, 25 members total divided as 5,5,3,3,3,3,3.

    3. Battled the True Conqueror and other DLC bosses. Should be having a save file IIRC with all things maxed and only the DLC bosses left.

    4. Chains and BR set to 9999 and 255 respectively.

    5. Enemy HP frozen and all characters set to either Ninja/Ordainer classes.

    6. Massive-strike'd enemy with my unions. Enemy in this case, …

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  • Remnant13


    July 19, 2011 by Remnant13

    Wagram said that before humans (Mitra) even walked in the face of the earth Remnants maintained peace and harmony. but how could that be if Remnnants are unbound they'll trigger a Collapse which bring chaos. Maybe there where Guardians that keep them in check. although Remnant monsters doesn't cause a Collapse in fact they can even use other Remnants mainly Remnant Weapons.

    It is unknown why Remnants cause a Collapse and able to consume peoples minds. Maybe because that Remnant should be bound to maintain peace and Harmony.

    All Remnants are living creatures

    Category of Remnants (only my idea)

    • Remnant Warden - Possibly the first guardians of the Remnants taking the form of Mitra's or other species
    • Remnant Weapon - Remnants that look like Weapons …
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  • Remnant13

    My To Do List!

    July 17, 2011 by Remnant13

    Stuff that need to be added in this Wikia.

    • Umbermarici - Picture (New Version)
    • Schiavona - Picture (New Version)
    • Liafort - Picture & Info (About its Abilities) Liafort has little info.
    • Rubber Soul - Picture & Info (About its Abilities)
    • Dead Heart - Picture & Info (About its Abilities)
    • Flâchonelle - Picture & Info (About its Abilities)
    • Last Leaf (New Page) - Picture & Info (About its Abilities)
    • Remnant Tracker (New Page) - Picture & Info (About its Abilities)
    • Talisman (Rush)- Picture (CG)
    • Talisman (Irina) - Picture (CG)
    • Eye Patch - Picture (New Version)
    • John Aykes - Picture (New Version)
    • Marina Sykes - Picture
    • Oswald - Picture
    • Baron Nielson - Picture
    • Adding Voice Actors
    • Fixing Links from my renaming and creating new pages I think its done!
    • Adding compiled map png fo…
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  • Zephyr135

    Admins for the wiki

    July 16, 2011 by Zephyr135

    As some of you may have noticed, the original admins seem to have disappeared. Last log in has been over 3 months ago. I've put in a request for admin rights to the wiki. If anyone has any opinions on the matter, now would be a good time to speak up as I'll be posting the link to this blog post to the adoption page in about week.

    ETA: OK, so that's 2 users so far. Anyone else? I want to hear opinions, see debates, etc.

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  • Remnant13

    HD special arts

    June 27, 2011 by Remnant13

    I have yet to upload HD video of the Special Art due to the fact that its huge my Final Fight Video which lasted about 30 minute is 21 GB and the HD version of my Spacial Art is 7 GB which is ridiculously big to upload with my slow net, when you fullscreen this video its like your playing the game the quality is next to perfect. But I will upload the HD version of the Special Art maybe next week because every time I have class I stay at my fathers place its walking distance to my school and my father has a computer but has no video card so I can't do anything there.

    Which is a better venue in recording the Special art The Great Sand Sea or Mt. Vackel, Crookfen is nice but the plants there obscured the view and I'm not fighting dragons or Gi…

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  • Zephyr135
    • Check monster pages for HP and ailment vulnerabilities and edit
      • Check all monster art BRs. May need to protect pages from unnecessary edits regarding this.
        • Boss and Quest Boss pages are done. Rare monsters have a range, but I'm not sure what it is yet. and I think I can start work on it soon. Rares then regulars.
          • Begun work on rares. Done.
    • Revamp Developing Arts to reflect version differences if necessary (WT gains, modifiers, requires observation from X360 version)
      • Added the note about modding for Speed/Power for the PC.
    • Revamp Classes to reflect version differences (critical due to hybrid classes, class traps, other quirks)
      • Mostly done. Might need some further cleaning a little later, but racking my sleep-deprived brain on class changes for both ve…
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  • ShadowYoshi


    June 15, 2011 by ShadowYoshi

    just a guy who happens to love playing the last remnants. if you have any questions let me know. so far full completion on xbox and BR 23 on pc.

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  • Zephyr135

    Ymir was easier than expected, though I wasn't quite expecting to have everyone alive at the end of it. Took 28 turns of running around to get anything done. Played around with the Rockgraters in the Apex tier for a bit. BR rose to 32. Surprisingly, a little lower than what I had expected. Most likely due to the number of deaths in each encounter. Not going to try the Holy Servant. I know that's a fight I can't win right now.

    Got the confirmation that I wanted; DW alone can be used for Fencer. Now... how can I get Caedmon to Fencer or Warrior? Other than getting Item/Mys balance, there's really no reason for him to end up in either class. Eh, I'll try on another playthrough since I'm not actively using Caedmon in the first place. I also rea…

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  • Zephyr135

    Disc 1 fin.

    May 31, 2011 by Zephyr135

    And cue the WTF expression while we're at it.

    Rush finally went through a class change. As I thought, he had Item>Mys. Problem. He went Swashbuckler despite DWing Katana all the way after the beginning segments (and when I could afford to buy 2 Katana). There's no way he has Sword>Katana as the only time I used a Sword for CAs was against Namul Niram. Finally have DW9, and with this, sparked Resonance Edge. Also, "AHHHHHHHH!" Sparked Restorative Tincture. That can't be good... Means that he has Herbs 6, so I need to get Invo up to Caustic Blast already. Almost there... Just a few more points in STR, and we'll see if DW is used for Fencer. I don't think it is though, so I really have no idea why I'm doing this.

    Emmy went Gladiator on me before Di…

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  • Zephyr135
    • Emmy just reached Legendary Swashbuckler @ STR48/INT29
      • proves that she can't reach Cavalier despite having Mys+Com significance
      • eligible for Cavalier since Master Swashbuckler (STR41)
    • Violet displaying similar results -> STR42/INT26, should be Mys+Com significance
    • Glenys as well, with STR44/INT27.
      • sparked Moonset, forgot to count how many uses before it as she starts with Katana 7
      • still really damn slow with SPD19, to the point that I'm using SPD-focused formations with her!
    • Nora should have WT significance due to lack of Invo training
      • sparked Hyper Hammer not too long after Switchback. seems like EXP needed overall has been raised for the PC? Will track more vigilantly later.
    • No idea with Rush at the moment.
      • has STR35, but still Adept Freelancer
      • li…
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  • Zephyr135

    Clean X360 save. Details: OH - 16 (4 uses) DW - 24 (6 uses) Spark - 32 (8 uses + 1 after reaching II) Invo - 36 (Invo 1, 9 uses) RH - 16 (4 uses) Herbs - 16 (Herbs 1, 4 uses)

    Finished Blackdale, BR3-ish. Just putting here. No real reason other than archival purposes. Will also use to test if TH/PG is a requirement for Warrior.

    Class progress so far: Nora: Ranger -> Bludgeoner

    • Smash II, Crossbreak II, Spark II

    Rush: Fighter -> Freelancer

    • Devil's Due II, Spark II, RH III, VH.
    • need to spark Double Time/Wind Shear to maintain Item/Mys balance! Testing for DW as a requirement for Fencer.
    • should get Lotions, train it, before getting Rem.

    Everyone else is default/progressing through their classes.

    Other things to check:

    • Lukorra's stats for both versions: …
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  • Remnant13

    Hard-Mode Tips

    May 13, 2011 by Remnant13

    Well I already finished the game 4 times in one year and once in hard-mode and on my 5th play-through I'm playing it in hard-mode, Any tips on how should I fight like do I have to Battle Grind or just keep my Battle Rank low as possible in the beginning like in disk 1 by the way I'm using the PC version. P.S like my previous Hard-Mode fight it's really tough and it was only luck that finished it in hard but did not complete the DLC monster except for Eldritch Dragon. --Remnant13 08:53, May 13, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Remnant13

    Some of you know that the PC version of this game have long loading time about 15-30 seconds will the only ting that I can think of is running the game in 1 core it cuts loading time its now 3-10 seconds but the frame rate drops and its lags when theres a smoke effect like using grenade impact. This problem varies from type of OS and Hardware. Any other solution to this problem.

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  • Parham6

    Sticky Fish!

    August 4, 2010 by Parham6

    Do you have some sticky fish?

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  • IRevolution

    So I completely destroyed the Last Remnant in every sense of the word but I feel the game shouldn't end there. There is much more potential for this game on the 360 console. I looked everywhere so maybe I can write a persuasive letter to the developers of the Last Remnant but came up empty handed.

    As I was sitting on my couch one day going through some old games, I came up on the Last Remnant. Oh, the memories. Not that it's really an old game but there is nothing left I can do with it. So I thought, the original idea of the game was to have the Conqueror as a playable character after beating it the first time through in his POV perspective. Obviously, for those who already beat it completely, sadly there was nothing else you could possibly…

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  • Nirromyug

    This month is getting worse than the last with all hopes to improve QOA pretty bleak. It seems the only project to help me get by this ordeal is now failing me. Once I get my other xbox running in my bedroom for internet, won't be too hard then.--Nirromyug 19:44, November 28, 2009 (UTC)

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  • Nirromyug

    I truly don't think there is a need to talk before and after because you can't do that during each battle with the exception of base 1. You can start base 1 then "after" talk or "before" talk then do base 1 ... talk ... base 2 ... talk ... base 3 ... talk ... base 4 ... talk ... base 5 ... talk ... base 6 ... talk. So before and after can no happen because you can't start a base and leave to talk unless you die. Before and after is always after the previous base only by default. Or before the fight by default but not both for each base, its just how you look at it.

    An example is this: You beat all six bases without dying, and follow the rule: "You have to talk to the Duke of Ghor before starting the bases and after each base!" The word b…

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  • Nirromyug

    No such luck now for a good 3 days on Goko or Sledgehammer. I'm about to use one on my head soon!!!!!!!!!!!--Nirromyug 06:06, September 19, 2009 (UTC)

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  • Nirromyug

    Started Disc Two

    September 11, 2009 by Nirromyug

    I hope to get all quests complete in short fashion, then work on guild tasks without entering Undelwalt.--Nirromyug 21:32, September 11, 2009 (UTC)

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  • Nirromyug
    of playing this game and feeling so bad about a certain purchase manual that led me to basically starting over through no fault of my own; I came upon this site and started using it religiously. Now since I see some PC? type remarks on pages, and no information at all if XBOX 360 has the certain item of interest, I decided to join and contribute and put some questions to bed. --Nirromyug 14:27, September 10, 2009 (UTC)
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  • TheLostRemnant

    Hi, i've been playing this game since its PC release and have recently completed my first playthrough (BR81). Currently on my second playthrough after reading around forums and this wiki and am enjoying this game in a different way, so i signed up and hope to make some contributions and findings during my subsequent playthroughs

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