Art Arcana
Rank A
Modifier Slash
Target All
Range Long
Element Thunder
Effect [Thunder] Attack
Damage Substantial

[Long-Range] A dark cloud descends upon the battlefield. Deals substantial mystic damage to the entire enemy force.

Used byEdit



Name Modifier AP (XBOX) AP (PC) Damage Speed Effect
Blackout I Mighty Slash 36 96 C C [Thunder] Attack +1
Blackout II Mighty Slash 36 96 B C [Thunder] Attack +2
Blackout III Godly Slash 32 85 B B [Thunder] Attack +3
Blackout IV Godly Slash 32 85 A B [Thunder] Attack +4
Blackout V Godly Slash 28 75 A B [Thunder] Attack +5

Learning BlackoutEdit

The following is required to learn the Arcana Blackout:

  • Only the leader of a union can learn it.
  • The union attempting to learn or use Blackout must be able to perform a Synergy.
  • You need two additional units in the same union capable of using Invocations or Evocations although using all five units raises your chances.
  • The leader has to use one of the Invocations arts listed below, the two other units any Invocations or Evocations art.
  • You need to have enough AP to use the Arcana.
  • Arcana don't level by using them as the other arts do. You have to get one of the required "base" arts and learn it again as you did the first time.
  • The best place to learn Arcana is the Sweeping Safehold in the Ruins of Robelia Castle or during the quest Wisdom's Echo since the landworms always respawn. Link all the landworms and switch through all the targets. Most likely you get the required art combination on one of them. On the PC, you can also simply turn off all but the required arts and learn it anywhere.
  • The best formation for Arcana training is the Orb Formation as it reduces the AP costs.
  • Grenade Impact won't trigger Blackout on the PC version; it is used for Crimson Flare instead.
Art Used
Blackout I Blackout II Blackout III Blackout IV Blackout V
Spark V Wind Shear V Caustic Blast IV Caustic Blast V Permafrost V
Wind Shear IV Caustic Blast III Permafrost III Permafrost IV Wildfire IV
Caustic Blast II Permafrost II Wildfire II Wildfire III Wildfire V
Permafrost Wildfire Grenade Impact
Grenade Impact II
Grenade Impact III~V
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