Art Hex
Rank S
Modifier Bludgeon
Target Union
Range Long
Effect Morale Down
Damage Substantial

[Long-Range]. A captivating field descends on the battlefield. Enthralls an enemy union, deals substanital mystic damage to enemy.

Used byEdit

Leader Soldier


Name Modifier AP (XBOX) AP (PC) Damage Speed Effect
Bewitch I Bludgeon 48 48 D D Morale Down
Bewitch II Bludgeon 48 48 C C Morale Down
Bewitch III Mighty Bludgeon 46 46 C C Morale Down
Bewitch IV Mighty Bludgeon 46 46 B C Morale Down
Bewitch V Godly Bludgeon 45 45 B B Morale Down

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