For the character Baulson, see Baulson.

Client: Baulson
Location: Athlum

Availability Edit

This quest becomes available immediately after completing the quest A Day's Beginning. Baulson will disappear from the pub from time to time, so check back if the quest has not been completed.

Quest Details Edit

Baulson explains to you that he is a mercenary, and was hired to do a job for an aristocrat. Upon accepting the quest you are redirected to Gaslin Caves and Baulson explains that you are to help him find the son of the aristocrat who had gone off to play in the caves. He also notes that there are bandits holding up in the cave as well and then joins your party as a guest union.


  • 500g
  • Baulson is available for hire at Athlum's Union of the Golden Chalice.

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Quest LogEdit

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