Base 3 is one of the six battlefields you'll need to win in order to gain access to Koenigsdorf. This specific base employs the Qsiti Ludope, who gave you the quest A Voice from the Past.

To get to him you have to defeat the foot soldiers first.

First WaveEdit

  • Two Support Squads,
  • Three Stormtroopers,

Once you've defeated them, reinforcements will arrive.

Second WaveEdit

  • Three Escort Squads
  • Two Magus Squads will appear in the second turn.
  • Two Stormtroopers will appear in the third turn.
  • One Magus Squads will appear after you've defeated at least two of the Second Wave unions.

Once you've defeated them, reinforcements will arrive.

Third WaveEdit

  • a Tactics Squad - the mini boss for this level.
  • Two Magus Squads
  • Two Stormtroopers
  • Two Stormtroopers will appear after most of the other unions have been wiped out.

Finish the mini boss for a cutscene.

You also receive a reward here of (depending on the number of enemies defeated):


You're up against Ludope the Vengeful. Initially, you'll also face Five Conqueror Army: Ludope Division unions.


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