The Bard is the Item oriented class for using Potions. This is the only Rank 4 Item-related class.

Name Effect Requirement

[Potions] +1

STR 41 or INT 41
Expert Bard

[Potions] +1
Debuff Duration -1

STR 43 or INT 43
Adept Bard

[Potions] +2
Debuff Duration -1

STR 45 or INT 45
Master Bard

[Potions] +3
Debuff Duration -2

STR 47 or INT 47
Lordly Bard

[Potions] +4
Debuff Duration -3

STR 50 or INT 50
Legendary Bard

[Potions] +5
Debuff Duration -4

STR 54 or INT 54

How to Obtain:
Like most Item related classes, this one is very easy to obtain. All it takes is significant Potions skill.

Upgrade Options:
PC options:
The easiest upgrades from this class are the Item-related ones, but most of them require another Item skill to be significant:

Mystic + Combat classes are also option if Mystics are trained to become another significant skill group. However, the high Wield Style requirements for some of them will likely result in Weapons and Mystic significance:

Pure Mystic classes are also an option, but will likely require some Mystic grinding:

And finally, back to pure Combat classes:

  • Guardian: requires Item>Mystic, One-Handed 13 or Power Grip 13 or Two-Handed 13, Herbs 6 or Lotions 6, STR47+. This one can be tricky as Items are an established significant skill group, so Weapons needs to be the only significant skill before meeting the Items requirement.
  • Gladiator: requires Mystic>Item, Power Grip 16, highest Mystic skill is Wards, STR53+
  • Ordainer: requires Item/Mystic balance, all Weapon Types level 19+, STR59+

X360 options: Since Items are significant, Item-related classes are the easiest option:

Raising Mystics to become a significant skill group can open up these classes:

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