This page lists all the Bandit monsters. Each Bandit is a Rare Monster but their names appear in red (like with bosses) separating them from the ordinary rare monsters. Each monster is respawnable. For a more detailed description please visit their corresponding pages. To see all monster families (races) in one combined table use this link (Monster Families).

Links and Locations

Link Location Guaranteed Drop
Bandit The Catacombs Weapon Recipe 23
Bandit Mojcado Castle Necklace Recipe 5
Bandit Numor Mine Weapon Recipe 38
Bandit Ruins of Robelia Castle - Central Tier Anklet Recipe 1
Bandit Ruins of Robelia Castle - Underground Tier Weapon Recipe 48
Bandit The Great Sand Sea -
Bandit Wyrmskeep Weapon Recipe 55
Bandit Vale of the Gods Sash Recipe 4
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