Balterossa Castle - The Lords of Balterossa, administrators of the underground water supply, now reside in this castle. It was formerly the home of the town's guild leader.

First time entering the city:

  • Balterossan Soldier (left): "You stand before the Duchess of Balterossa! Watch your tongue."
  • Balterossan Soldier (right): "You stand before the Lady Bertrude! Mind your manners.
  • Court Lady: "You are in the presence of Lady Bertrude of Balterossa! Mind your manners." (Do we really look THAT rude?)
  • Bertrude: "Welcome, traveler! You have done well to make your way through the great desert. I am Bertrude of Balterossa. I trust you've visited our market? I am certain you'll be impressed by the various rare items, offered for sale there."

After completing The Ancient War quest:

  • Balterossan Soldier (left): "I hope to become more like you, Sir Rush."
  • Balterossan Soldier (right): "Sir Rush. Well done on the battlefield."
  • Court Lady: "It is a difficult work, bringing the desert's past to light, but I believe a brave and determined youth like you could find the whole truth."
  • Bertrude: "You have my thanks for your hard work. Without your assistance, Balterossa would truly have no future."

After completing Goodbye, Sweet Love quest:

  • Bertrude: "My daughter has made the right choice in returning to me. I will not accept her dallying with that man."

After completing Love Will Rise Again quest:

  • Court Lady: "Sir Paris will be the next Marquis of Royotia. I can't begin to imagine the pressure Lady Charlotte faces."
  • Charlotte: "Did you hear? Mother has allowed Paris and I to court!"
  • Bertrude: "In the end the incident with Royotia came to a... touching conclusion. Nevertheless, in the end it became a good bargaining chip."
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