It is said that ancient deities beckoned people to start a town in this land, far from civilization. This town is quite nondescript and has little local flavor to offer.

This town is optional, you won't visit it in the main story! To gain access use the west exit of the Vale of the Gods.

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Baaluk is currently without a leader. The previous lord's two sons are now fighting over who will reign as the town's new ruler. The remnant, Brimuslabus, can be seen in the background. It watches over the town and takes the shape of a giant sage staff. The Remnant's main power is to seal powerful monsters: The Fallen. During the final battle, the Conqueror or Castanea will use Brimuslabus' attack, Seal, if Frustrations was completed.

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Grentze Commune

Equipment shop logo Totten's Hardware Store

Mixed shop logo Uncle Bolbo's Items

Mixed shop logo Malliem's Shop

Customization shop logo Langelle's Workshop

Pub logo The Rift

Union of the golden chalice logo Union of the Golden Chalice

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