Side Quests

As you progress through the game, you unlock a series of optional sidequests. To find and trigger them, explore town areas (especially pubs) and talk to highlighted townsfolk you meet. Some will ask favors of Rush. Each favor is a side quest and usually requires the completion of one or more tasks. Complete these tasks to earn rewards. The tasks listed here may appear one event earlier or later, being as how the Walkthrough is broken down. Good luck and keep in mind the missable quests!

The Story Begins...

Interlude: Athlum

Intruders in Dillmoor

On Your Own

The Battle in Blackdale

Through the Chasm

Wagram and the Fiery Idol

Congress in Elysion

A Date with Emma

The Meeting in Nagapur

Stop the War - The Battle at the Nest of Eagles

Time to Save Irina

Welcome to the Second Disk

After Fornstrand

The Missing Leaders

The Six Bases

Catch the Runaway

Meet the God Emperor

Find an Ark

The Final Fight

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