Aunt Jill's Homemade Goodies is located in Royotia - Byon Sector

New Trade Goods are added to the shop as you sell more captured monsters, different items require different Commerce Points


Item Price
Katana Logo Camio 1,050
Katana Logo Shax 4,200
Spear Logo Berith 1,300
Katana Logo Belial 1,200
Spear Logo Valac 1,450
Spear Logo Crocell 2,320


Item Price
Amulet Logo Royotiette 4,900

Trade GoodsEdit

Item Price Availability
Vegetation Logo Clamoring Bulb 144 Requires trade rank D in Components
Shield Logo Targe 4,860 Requires trade rank D in Equipment
Sword Logo Knightsaber -1 13,685 Requires trade rank C in Equipment
Spear Logo Guisarme 33,280 Requires trade rank B in Equipment
Sword Logo Auld Broadsword 283,500 Requires trade rank SS in Equipment
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