The Assassin is the ultimate Item+Combat class. The only thing Rank 7 classes have over the Assassin is the Safety skill. This is the only non-sovani class that enhances Weapon Art use.

Name Effect Requirement

[Weapon Arts] +1
Skill [Ambush]

STR 53 or INT 53
Minimum Style: One-Handed 15
Minimum Weapon: Sword 13
Expert Assassin

SPD +3%
[Weapon Arts] +1
Skill [Ambush]

STR 55 or INT 55
Minimum Style: One-Handed 16
Minimum Weapon: Sword 14
Adept Assassin

SPD +3%
[Weapon Arts] +2
Skill [Ambush]

STR 57 or INT 57
Minimum Style: One-Handed 17
Minimum Weapon: Sword 15
Master Assassin

SPD +5%
[Weapon Arts] +3
Skill [Ambush]

STR 59 or INT 59
Minimum Style: One-Handed 18
Minimum Weapon: Sword 16
Lordly Assassin

SPD +8%
[Weapon Arts] +4
Skill [Ambush]

STR 63 or INT 63
Minimum Style: One-Handed 19
Minimum Weapon: Sword 17
Legendary Assassin

SPD +10%
[Weapon Arts] +5
Skill [Ambush]

STR 68 or INT 68
Minimum Style: One-Handed 20
Minimum Weapon: Sword 18

This class will stop upgrading if the Item > Mystic requirement is no longer met.

How to Obtain:
For characters who can develop the required Wield and Weapon skills changing into an Assassin should be no problem, all that's required is to have Items among the significant skill groups. Training Shards from a different class type is not a good idea though, as that will get Alchemist instead.

Upgrade Options:
Since this is a Rank 6 class the only upgrades from here are the other ultimate classes:

  • Ordainer: requires Item/Mystic balance, all Weapon Types level 19+, STR59+
  • Warlock: requires all Arcana learned, INT59+
  • Ninja: requires Dual Wield 22 and Katana 19, Mystics + one other significant skill group, STR59+ or INT59+ (PC only)
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