Request Types Edit

There are 7 different Accessory Request Types:

Each of these types are pretty straight forward except for Garments and Trinkets which depend on what their use is. By looking up each request type table all the Accessories which can be requested for that type are listed along with their Item Type and their associated Request Rank.

Request Rank Edit

Every equipment item in the game has what we refer to as an Item Request Rank, it is a value used to determine whether Equipment (Accessory/Shield/Weapon) in your inventory can be requested by a NPC based on their current equipped items.

Example of Request Rank Edit

Take for example if David's focus is Combat (which Accessory Slot 1 is Physical Type), and Slot 1 currently has Hinnah's Earring equipped and you have a Leanan Sidhe's Devotion you want him to request to use instead.

  • Hinnah's Earring has a Request Rank of 120
  • Leanan Sidhe's Devotion has a Request Rank of 118

The rank of the Hinnah's Earring currently equipped is 120 which is higher than the Leanan Sidhe's Devotion's rank of 118, so David will not request the Leanan Sidhe's Devotion because of its lower rank.

Now say we had Leanan Sidhe's Devotion equipped in Slot 1, and wanted David to request Hinnah's Earring. Looking back at the request ranks, we see that Hinnah's Earring has a higher rank therefore at the next request trigger event David will check your inventory and if nobody else is queued up to request Hinnah's Earring he will request it and replace the lower ranked Leanan Sidhe's Devotion. That's all there is to understanding the Request Rank value of the Accessory!

Special Request Only Edit

When this flag is set it means the accessory can't be requested through the generic type/rank path, rather an individual character must have it listed as a specific Accessory request. So these accessories will only be requested if there are characters with hard coded requests for these. All remnant accessories have hard coded characters which will request them, but the others (Ragna-rock/Vermilion Cameo/Ring of Morning Calm/Manrynell/Doom Chain/Carnage Chain) aren't assigned to any character so they can only be force equipped (on PC) or otherwise used by Rush.

Physical Edit

Accessory Name Accessory Type Request Rank Special Request Only
Earring Earring 5
Athlumette Earring 5
Earring of Girding Earring 10
Deluxe Earring Earring 20
Earring of Growling Earring 25
Elf's Escape Trinket 30
Ring of the Defiant Ear Earring 35
Spriggan's Bounty Earring 38
Earring of Grinding Earring 40
Earring of Gliding Earring 50
Premier Earring Earring 60
Earring of Goring Earring 60
Safety Earlet Earring 60
Ring of the Patient Ear Earring 65
Brownie's Glee Earring 68
Earring of Gobbling Earring 70
Ruby Solitaire Earring 80
Emerald Solitaire Earring 80
Sapphire Solitaire Earring 80
Ivory Solitaire Earring 80
Leprechaun's Luck Earring 88
Idol Earring Earring 90
Metallic Stud Earring 90
Ring of the Astute Ear Earring 90
Linen Knit Garment 90
Soul Earring Earring 95
Draconile Earring Earring 100
Stormcloud Bolt Earring 100
Bugeye Earring Earring 105
Prismic Earring Earring 110
Leanan Sidhe's Devotion Trinket 118
Damascene Earring Earring 120
Hinnah's Earring Earring 120
Sable Earring Earring 125
Valiant Eardrop Earring 130

Mystic Edit

Accessory Name Accessory Type Item Request Rank Special Request Only
Necklace Necklace 5
Ophidian Choker Necklace 10
Superior Necklace Necklace 20
Fang Chain Necklace 25
Horn Chain Necklace 40
Floral Wreath Necklace 40
Melphinette Necklace 50
Bone Necklace Necklace 55
Superlative Necklace Necklace 60
Talon Chain Necklace 65
Ondine's Mercy Necklace 68
Chain of Goading Necklace 70
Fiend Chain Necklace 75
Chain of Gobbling Necklace 80
Stole of Grating Garment 80
Mermaid's Favor Necklace 88
Draconile Necklace Necklace 100
Azurangel Locket Necklace 100
Wyvern Chain Necklace 105
Resurrection Chain Necklace 108
Prismic Necklace Necklace 110
Idol Necklace Necklace 110
Flame Cameo Trinket 110
Storm Cameo Trinket 110
Frost Cameo Trinket 110
Lytic Brooch Trinket 110
Venom Brooch Trinket 110
Knocker's Ward Necklace 118
Dwarf's Gratitude Trinket 118
Damascene Necklace Necklace 120
Chain of Gliding Necklace 120
Wyrm Pendant Necklace 130
Doom Chain Necklace 138 Yes
Carnage Chain Necklace 140 Yes

HP Edit

Accessory Name Accessory Type Request Rank Special Request Only
Bracelet Bracelet 5
Deluxe Bracelet Bracelet 20
Bracelet of Guarding Bracelet 25
Fortune Wristlet Bracelet 28
Metallic Manacle Bracelet 40
Mercy Wristlet Bracelet 40
Sylph's Bane Bracelet 48
Bracelet of Grafting Bracelet 50
Obsidian Wristlet Bracelet 50
Premier Bracelet Bracelet 60
Bracelet of Garnishing Bracelet 60
Televa Wristlet Bracelet 65
Pixie's Scorn Bracelet 68
Bracelet of Glazing Bracelet 70
Justice Wristlet Bracelet 75
Nagapurette Bracelet 80
Idol Bracelet Bracelet 80
Bracelet of Grooming Bracelet 80
Troll's Trust Bracelet 88
Coral Wristlet Bracelet 90
Undelwaltette Bracelet 100
Rubber Cuff Bracelet 100
Draconile Bracelet Bracelet 105
Roseraphim Bracelet Bracelet 108
Imperator's Bangle Bracelet 110
Manifer Bracelet 110
Prismic Bracelet Bracelet 115
Damascene Bracelet Bracelet 120
Young's Armlet Bracelet 120
Soul Wristlet Bracelet 128
Goddess Wristlet Bracelet 130
Blood Chalice Bracelet 200 Yes
Liafort Bracelet 200 Yes

AP Edit

Accessory Name Accessory Type Request Rank Special Request Only
Amulet Amulet 5
Celapalette Amulet 10
Deluxe Amulet Amulet 20
Charm of Growling Amulet 25
Royotiette Amulet 30
Wayfarer's Ward Amulet 30
Charm of Goring Amulet 40
Kismet's Kiss Amulet 45
Charm of Gliding Amulet 50
Beastbone Carving Amulet 55
Premier Amulet Amulet 60
Charm of Grinding Amulet 70
Wishing Coin Amulet 80
Metallic Token Amulet 90
Draconile Amulet Amulet 100
Marked Mirrorglass Amulet 105
Prismic Amulet Amulet 110
Charm of Grating Amulet 110
Holy Relic Amulet 115
Damascene Amulet Amulet 120
Wyrmcharm Amulet 130
Charm of Guiding Amulet 135
Idol Amulet Amulet 140
Wonder Bangle Bracelet 200 Yes

Strength Edit

Accessory Name Accessory Type Item Request Rank Special Request Only
Belt Belt 5
Belt of Guarding Belt 10
Deluxe Belt Belt 20
Belt of Garnishing Belt 25
Liberty Belt Belt 25
Manrynell Bracelet 30 Yes
Belt of Grooming Belt 30
Cotton Belt Belt 40
Bandana of Grooming Garment 40
Ghorette Belt 50
Alpaca Belt Belt 50
Triumph Belt Belt 50
Alpaca Swathe Garment 50
Premier Belt Belt 60
Belt of Guessing Belt 60
Tippet of Girding Garment 60
Belt of Glazing Belt 70
Angora Belt Belt 70
Idol Belt Belt 80
Linen Belt Belt 80
Power Belt Belt 80
Cloistral Belt Belt 85
Goblin's Honor Belt 88
Banshee's Requiem Trinket 90
Boggart's Charity Belt 98
Kobold's Kindness Belt 98
Verdeus Buckle Belt 100
Rubber Belt Belt 100
Fiend Tippet Garment 100
Rubber Shawl Garment 110
Snievan's Belt Belt 120
Black Belt Belt 120
Milton's Kerchief Garment 120
Zuido's Eyepatch Garment 120
Monocle of Guiding Garment 130
Bloody Lipstick Garment 130
Ragna-Rock Garment 199 Yes
Simarrionne Garment 200 Yes
Heartache Ring 200 Yes

Intellect Edit

Accessory Name Accessory Type Request Rank Special Request Only
Ring Ring 5
Superior Ring Ring 20
Elysiette Ring 25
Ring of Girding Ring 30
Betrothal Band Ring 30
Alp's Repose Ring 40
Ring of Grinding Ring 50
Zalewood Band Ring 55
Cúchulainn's Lament Ring 58
Ring of Morning Calm Ring 60 Yes
Superlative Ring Ring 60
Ring of Goring Ring 60
Merman's Calm Ring 68
Floral Ring Ring 70
Angora Fleece Garment 70
Scholarly Band Ring 75
Ruby Ring Ring 80
Emerald Ring Ring 80
Sapphire Ring Ring 80
Ivory Ring Ring 80
Idol Signet Ring 90
Ring of Growling Ring 90
Rune Ring Ring 90
Draconile Ring Ring 100
Coral Band Ring 100
Imperator's Ring Ring 110
Vermilion Cameo Trinket 110 Yes
Prismic Ring Ring 110
Saintly Band Ring 118
Damascene Ring Ring 120
Hannah's Band Ring 120
Ring of Gobbling Ring 120
Faerie Band Ring 120
Ludope's Visor Garment 120
Longeval Cord Ring 130
Dead Heart Ring 200 Yes
Flâchonelle Garment 200 Yes
Witch's Seal Garment 200 Yes

Speed Edit

Accessory Name Accessory Type Request Rank Special Request Only
Greaves Anklets 5
Greaves of Garnishing Anklets 10
Deluxe Greaves Anklets 20
Heels of Victory Anklets 25
Baalukette Anklets 30
Balterossette Anklets 30
Greaves of Guarding Anklets 30
Tashlon Ankleshells Anklets 35
Greaves of Growling Anklets 40
Oberon's Providence Anklets 58
Premier Greaves Anklets 60
Greaves of Grinding Anklets 60
Agony Greaves Anklets 65
Surgill Spats Anklets 70
Legwarmers Anklets 80
Greaves of Goring Anklets 90
Siren's Silence Anklets 98
Draconile Anklet Anklets 100
Blancherub Greaves Anklets 100
Bedazzling Anklets Anklets 105
Imperator's Pendant Necklace 110
Prismic Anklet Anklets 110
Idol Greaves Anklets 110
Drakescale Anklets Anklets 115
Kelpie's Blessing Anklets 118
Damascene Anklet Anklets 120
Rubber Soul Anklets 200 Yes
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